Your Custom Reading List

When you begin learning a new language, there are resources to help you become fluent. Study guides, books, exercises, and many conversations all work to make the learner more adept. Likewise, there is a need for us all to have a practical fluency and applied theology for work. We should all strive to know how the many tasks, situations and even tensions associated with our work are both grounded and resolved in a nuanced biblical theology of work. So, we built this reading list for you.

If you start reading, you’ll grow in your convictions in and practice of God’s purposes for your work.


Practical Fluency

Building an understanding of the intrinsic and instrumental value of your work is foundational for you to be more faithful and effective. These four books are arranged in order of depth and complexity of the content, so you can start wherever seems best for you.

The Gospel at Work
by Sebastian Traeger and Greg Gilbert
Why Business Matters to God
by Jeff Van Duzer
How Then Shall we Work
by Hugh Whelchel
Every Good Endeavor
by Tim Keller

Applied Theology

These next two books will be highly practical for you. Most importantly, you’ll walk away from both of these books with a working plan to evaluate and prioritize your effectiveness in the different areas of responsibility in your life.

Do More Better
by Tim Challies
Crazy Busy
by Kevin DeYoung
What's Best Next
by Matt Perman

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