Local Workplace as Mission

Same Job, Renewed Purpose

Many of us may not be looking for a new job, or want to start a new company or venture; but all of us want more purpose and direction for our work. We all want the work we set out to do each day to count for something. And the good news? It does. Your work truly matters to God, and to the people he’s placed around you.

What does it look like to go back to your job – tomorrow – with a renewed vision for it’s purposes and value. What would change if you had a working theology to answer the questions for yourself, and for your co-workers, about why your 9-5 matters? What does it really mean to both demonstrate and declare the gospel in and through our work?

Let us walk with you and help discover what that could look like for you.

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Global Workplace as Mission

New Opportunities through Your Work

If you have a burden to reach a specific people, or have a passion for a particular place, you don’t necessarily have to stop doing what you love. What if you could take the passion and skills that God has given you, and look for opportunities to express them somewhere else?

Some people have requested job transfers to an overseas office, or have found similar work in a new city. Others have found that they care for a people or place more than what they do for work each day, and have found other vocations to pursue that allows them to be with those people.

What might it look like for you?

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Local Venture as Mission

Your Organization for the Kingdom

There is a unique opportunity for leaders to shape and influence the direction and impact of their organization. You may be a small business owner, executive in a large corporation, startup founder, non-profit director, organizational leader, or just someone with a vision for something new.

You can make a difference. You can lead your organization to participate with God in the provision of mankind through providing good products and good services for the good of His people. By focus on not just one bottom line of profit, but four; Financial, Social, Spiritual, and Environmental.

This focus on what is best for your customers, your community, and the kingdom of God, is an invaluable expression of the Gospel.

We can connect you with business leaders who are doing this well, and help you build a vision and plan for your organization.

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Global Venture as Mission

A New Venture, A New Place

Think of your venture – a business, non-profit, investing firm, or anything – reaching an under-reached people for the gospel. Many believers have already moved their existing business, or started new businesses, in overseas locations in order to see the gospel spread through the work of their organizations.

Through partner organizations who specialize in business planning and development, we can help you discover the ways your organization can bring a unique expression of the gospel to a specific place.

Ready to explore what that could mean for your organization?

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