The founders of Petra Preschool have had personal experience with a negative bias that can often exist in preschools which impacts enrollment of foster children and other economically disadvantaged families. Further research revealed that preschool opportunities for these children are limited often due to provider’s choice not to accept reimbursement payments offered by the state for these kids. There is a strong need for a quality preschool to serve these families with a gospel-informed approach; Petra is a nonprofit with that objective!

Petra is designed to show God’s love by providing education, care, and support to a diverse group of preschoolers in Austin including foster children, economically disadvantaged children and their families, and will also include “full-pay” children.

Their model will be self sustaining after raising the initial funding by full pay children and government pay children. The vision is to create an environment where children feel loved and cared for by meeting their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. The program will have a gospel- informed curriculum that will be age and developmentally appropriate for each child. Our prayer is that those who have not or won’t ever hear the gospel would encounter and experience Jesus through the teachers, staff, and children.

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Mindy Lee from Petra Preschool

Meet Mindy Lee, Director of Petra Preschool

Mindy will be working out of the For the City office over the next 6 months while Petra is still in the development phase. Once they are established in a facility, they will continue to be a member of Launch Ventures (read more about Launch Ventures below).

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Launch Ventures

Launch Ventures is an organization that accelerates restorative ideas with gospel-centered leaders; and, it’s one of the mobilization pathways available that we are encouraging people to explore.

Memberships vary in Launch Ventures, allowing organizations to pay for the resources that will best benefit and accelerate their mission. As a starting point, each Director and staff within a Launch Ventures member organization will be in a cohort, meeting monthly to receive training, participate in discussion, and report on their progress to one another.

They will also participate in an annual retreat, preserving time for a more intensive session of development and discussion. Ventures also have the option to pay in for added benefits, such as designated desks in our office, space in a storage unit, access to Residents, and more.

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